Onion Kachori

Kachori is a popular India street food. Its full of flavors. It is flaky on the outside and bursting with flavors on the inside. Kachori is a very versatile dish. You can moong dal filling, paneer filling, green peas and if you are in a mood to have sweet then mawa kachori or dry fruit kachori and there are many more versions of it. Onion kachori originated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I love having hot kachoris especially in rainy or winter season. Tastes great with dates chutney or tamarind chutney or even coriander and mint chutney. You can even prepare a Kachori chaat.

I have very fond memories of having Kachori with my husband when we were newly married. I was married into a family of 5 people. Everyday after dinner, I and my husband used to go on a drive usually to Banashankari 3rd block complex to have a snack and share day’s happening with each other. We used to just unwind, relax and chit chat for a bit everyday during our outing. During our outing, sharing a Kachori or Dhokla or some Rabdi and Jalebi was our ritual. I miss doing all this here in Germany. Of course we have other rituals here but nothing can beat Indian street food. Hearing everyday sounds of traffic, people and just the chaos is something I really miss here.

Some days ago, when I and my husband were reminiscing our lives before baby, I was reminded of our Kachori dates after dinner and felt like having a nice hot flaky Kachori with green and tamarind chutney topped with some finely chopped onions and nylon sev. So, I immediately started checking videos out YouTube for Kachori recipes. After watching a few recipes and some trial and errors , I arrived at this recipe. It tastes really good and spicy. You can even store it for a day or two if you are travelling and have it. It requires very few ingredients that are available at home like onions , potatoes, a nice blend of spices, some basic flours and coriander leaves. For detailed recipe check the description below.

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